Your rights at work

If you are experiencing a lot of pain during your menstruation, it may be difficult handle your work life. But there is help to get, and it's your right to get it. Here you will get some tips on what you can do!

Sick pay

If you are in too much pain to work, you are entitled to sick pay from your employer for 14 days (after that you will get reimbursements from Försäkringskassan). The sick pay is 80% of your normal salary.

Menstruation is not really an illness, but can cause conditions that make it impossible to work. If the employer refuses to pay, you can turn to the union for help.

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Qualifying day

The first day when you stay home because of illness is called a qualifying day. You will not get paid for this day. However, if you are often forced by your menstruation to stay at home, you can apply for a special "high risk protection" at Försäkringskassan. This would give you salary for all days of sick leave due to your menstruation, including the first day. There is also a rule that if you have more than 10 qualifying days per year your employer should also pay for those days