What helps against period pain?

Menstrual pain can be normal but it should not limit you in your life. Here are a few ways of dealing with painful mentruations. 

Self help - some simple things to try out!

Ease your pain with heat, movement, touch, medication and more. Check out all our tips for pain relief you can do at home!

Hormonal contraceptive

Some methods of contraceptive can also help against menstrual pain. Go to a health centre, youth reception or a similar facility to get advice on what might work for you.

Prescription medication

If common prescription free pain killers don't work you might have to see a gynecologist for an examination and discuss if there are any prescription drugs that can help you. 


If you are suffering from severe pain, this method could be an alternative. TENS is short for Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation and consists of small electrode plates that you fasten onto your skin, that will vibrate and activate body's own relief system.


If you are feeling that your menstrual pain is affecting your mental health, you could be helped by talking to a professional about it. You can be taught how to deal with anxiety and how to take care of your mental health. At a youth reception you will find midwives, doctors and counselors that can help you.

Test different strategies for pain relief one by one or in combination. Only you can know the effect they have on your body and what works best for you!

Nothing helped - what do I do? 

If your menstrual pain is so severe that you can't manage to go to school or your work, if you feel like you can't handle your normal life during your bleedings or if your quality of life is obviously decreased you should seek medical advice. The reason can be treatable.