Period pain is more than just cramps!

Menstrual pain can feel very different for different people. Many don't know how the pain can affect anything from mood, thoughts, appetite, sleeping, training, sexual lust and your social life. We list some of the most common symptoms. 

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Menstrual pain can feel very differently for different people. Many don't know that the pain may affect everything from mood, thoughts, appetite, sleep, exercise, sexual lust and your social life. Menstrual pain is not only something affecting your stomach, in worst case it can affect huge parts of your life.

Common physical issues 

  • Stomach pain or pain in the vagina.
  • Pain in the groin, back, legs or head.
  • Diarrhea or constipation
  • Dizziness or feeling sick.
  • Pain in the lower stomach during ovulation, around two weeks before your menstrual pain.
  • Heavy bleedings.

Common psychological issues

  • Feeling low and depressed.
  • Feeling tired. Feeling weakness, without energy.
  • Difficulties to concentrate.
  • Low motivation to do things
  • Feeling irritated and short tempered

Psychological issues can be caused by pain alone. You can also be tired from heavy bleeding that cause your blood count to drop.

Mild symptoms= ok! 

It might suck to feel these things, but as long as the symptoms are mild and manageable you probably don't need health care. But if the symptoms are heavy and affect your quality of life you should see a medical professional. 

Common social issues

  • Not wanting to use public bathrooms, for example at school or work.
  • Feeling uncomfortable in your body
  • Not wanting to participate in sports or other activities.
  • Feeling worried about blood leakage.
  • Not wanting others to know about ones menstruation.

A lot of people experience all these symptoms before or during menstruation and you can notice all of them without there being a problem. Read more below about where the line is between a normal and problematic menstruation.