What affects the degree of period pain?

No two period pains are the same. So what makes the difference? There are really only two things that can fundamentally affect your level of pain...

Every uterus is different

To have menstrual pain can be normal. Usually the pain is caused by the contraction of the uterus when the menstruation is being pushed out from the body.

Menstrual pain may feel different from time to time. We have different bodies and they react in different ways during menstruation. Some have menstrual cycles that come like clockwork. It arrives regularly and is the same every time. While others have a more irregular menstruation that also differs from time to time. The same person can experience different levels of pain and bleed more or less from one menstruation to another. Also, where it hurts can vary. Sometimes the pain may be located in the belly, other times in the legs or back.

How you're feeling, both physically and mentally, can affect the pain.

Your body's condition

That the experience differs from time to time may be caused by the daily form. If you are feeling good,, have eaten and slept well, you might be able to cope with the menstruation pain in different way than if you are rundown, tired, stressed, sick and worried. Your general well-being affects your menstrual pain.


Another factor that may affect how much pain you feel during menstruation is hormones. Above all prostaglandins that are released in the uterus during the bleeding to help the uterus contract to release the mucous membrane. The contractions can be so powerful feel like post-exercise muscle soreness.