About us

We take period pain seriously!

Image: Logo. "På blodigt allvar" in red text, on a teal circle with two red lightning bolts in the upper left corner.

For a lot of people having you period means not being able to study, work or have an active social life. Some feel bad, fell misunderstood or ashamed by their problems. The knowledge about period pain and menstrual disorders is generally low and few talk about these issues. 

På Blodigt Allvar is here to guide you!

  • We exist because people who suffer from heavy pain deserve health care and support
  • We wnat to rainse the knowledge about period pain and menstrual disorders
  • We want everyone to know their rights
  • We want everyone to be able to talk openly about period pain

Produktion och initiative

På Blodigt Allvar is run by the nonprofit organisation Grrl Tech  with financial support by Allmänna Arvfonden. We work with RFSUEndometriosföreningen and Tjejer Emellan. We have produced short films, a website and a preiod pain quiz with the help of Tamkin and On The Fly

Press photos

Thanks to all our contributiors!

Authors and experts:
Ana Udovic
Anna Dahlqvist
Anna-Lena Näsström
Carl Åkerlund
Elina Ljungqvist
Helena Kopp Kallner
Ida Måwe
Isabelle Wahlf
Malin Söderberg
Mandeep Gill
Marianne Söderberg
Marie-Louise Berg-Lekås
Sandra Dahlén
Suzann Larsdotter
Åsa Enervik

Film cast: 

Andrea Kallström
Hanna Larsson
Michel Dida
Peg Parnevik

Amé de Mol
Daniella Peri
Emelie Roslund
Evelina Carlson
Julia Blomstrand
Janai Gonzalez
Leyla Hassan

And a special thanks to everyone else who contributed by supporting our project, sharing their stories and helping us spead knowledge!