8 signs that you don't feel well

A lot of us have days during our menstruation when you don't exactely feel on top of the world. But when these days become more frequent and your symptoms increase it might be time to consider what is acceptable...

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You should seek medical advice if you experience one or more of the following:

1. Limitations 

How you feel limits your life.

2. Absence

You miss school/work a lot.

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3. Fatigue

You feel tired even though you sleep enough.

4. Heavy feelings

You have anxiety and worries that are difficult to handle.

5. Strong emotions 

You become angry easily and can't control your anger, perhaps others are affected.

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6. Low motivation

You have a sense of passivity and futility.

7. Depression 

You feel very sad and fragile.

8. Low self esteem 

Your self esteem is low, you feel bad and worthless.

Helpful tip!

If you feel very worried you can always call Vårdupplysningen 1177 to talk to a nurse about your problems. 

To get help, seek out any of these institutions:

  • Youth reception
  • Healthcare center
  • Student welfare office
  • Gynecologist
  • Midwife