7 ways to ease the pain yourself!

Only you know your body and what gives you the best effect. If none of these methods are working you should seek medical care!

1. Heat

You could use a hot water bottle or tie a shawl around your hips.

2. Movement

Dance, take a walk or practice some other type of exercise that you enjoy. To move around helps against both pain and anxiety.

3. Massage 

Ask someone to stroke, gently press or massage the painful area, it usually soothes and helps relieve pain. Apart from regular massage there are many different kinds of relaxation you can try, for example meditation, acupuncture, acupressure matt and more. 

How does it work?

Your body has its own way of easing pain, which is ativated when you move and by touch. Heat can also feel good on the place where youfeel pain. 

4. Sleep and food

If you eat and sleep well, it will help the body relieve pain. Everything is connected, a hungry and tired body becomes more sensitive to pain.

5. Prescription free medication

Naproxen, Paracetamol and Ibuprofen in combination (paracetamol alone has no effect on menstrual pain) or some other kind of prescription free painkiller. It is important to ask the staff at the pharmacy to find a medication that suits you. If you have a sensitive stomach that might affect the choice of medication, or if you have allergies or asthma.


It's important to start taking the medicines as soon as possible, before the pain has reached its culmen. Sometimes even before you feel any pain at all. Then the medication will be most efficient.

6. Knowledge 

Knowing how your body functions will make it easier to cope with and to understand your menstrual pain. If you seek healthcare, that knowledge will make it easier to find out what is wrong. Use apps or a diary to document your pain.

7. Confirmation 

Confirmation from others with similar experiences of menstrual pain can help you to deal with your own. Look for discussion forums online or see if there is any organization or group that meet up where you live. You can also listen to others talking about their menstrual pain in our videos.

If you have tried everything and nothing helps you should seek health care!